Modem contemporary dentistry is practiced to the highest standard using the latest equipment.

Preventive treatments

Through regular examinations, a disease process may be detected and treated before it becomes serious. We screen the jaw joint and muscles for pathology and all the patients undergo an oral cancer screen.

With regards to your teeth and supporting tissues we can test the acidity of your plaque which will help us reduce the incidence of decay in your mouth. We use a laser diagnosis system which checks if a stain in a tooth is decayed or not. As many of you are aware this stops the unnecessary filling of teeth especially in young children, which was a feature of the old style NHS dentistry.

As part of our preventive program we undertake fluoride treatments and fissure seal teeth which help reduce the risk of decay. We also have a Dental Health educator who advises on cleaning, maintenance and diet, all with one aim to reduce the number of fillings and reduce the likelihood of gum disease.


We use the most advanced white filling materials available today instead of the silver mercury fillings. Whereas silver fillings by their design weaken teeth often leaking and causing teeth to fracture, white fillings bond to the teeth and mimic tooth structure which is especially important in the aesthetic or smile zone.

Root canals

When a tooth becomes infected and dies, commonly forming a very painful dental abscess, then a root canal is required. This involves cleaning the inside of the root where the nerve lived until it is sterile, and filling it with a rubber like material preventing re-infection. At Kelsham we use all the latest equipment and techniques from America vastly improving patient comfort and treatment success.

Crowns and Bridges


Crowns are used to restore heavily filled or fractured teeth, and bridges are used to replace missing teeth. We use a variety of materials ranging from porcelain fused to gold to the newer all porcelain substrates which look as natural as one's own teeth, and leaving no black line at the gum level as seen with some traditional crowns and bridges.

Other treatments

We treat gum disease and have an advanced referral pathway for patients who need specialist treatment.

We undertake all types of extractions and oral surgery and provide a variety of aesthetic partial and full dentures.

For additional treatments please see  Cranleigh Cosmetic & Implant care


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