Hygienist and Fresh Breath

The commonest form of tooth loss is through gum disease, a process whereby the structures supporting the teeth are gradually destroyed . This usually results in either the gum becoming infected or the tooth becoming more mobile. The end result being the same... the loss of the tooth through extraction. The symptoms commonly associated with gum disease are bad breath or halitosis, bleeding gums and people looking long in the tooth.

To help prevent or treat gum disease a hygienist cleans around the teeth and under the gums, producing an environment which allows the gum tissue to heal. To help you achieve gum health they advise you how best to clean and which auxiliary instrument of the many on the market is best suited to your cleaning regime.

Each patient has different requirements when it comes to the hygiene department, some people with little or no need or fall within measured parameters just need the Dentist or Hygienist to clean their teeth at their regular examination. Others however, depending on their need, can see the hygienist every 3, 4, or 6 months.

Bad breath

90% of bad breath or halitosis originates from your mouth while some of these smells are transitory ie. garlic, onions and smoking etc. The more resistant odors are caused by gum disease or sulphur producing bacteria on your tongue. If this applies to you the solution is sometimes easy. Arrange a consultation for your fresh breath requirements.

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