Welcome to Cranleigh Orthodontics

Many people have over-crowded or crooked teeth. For some this results in the upper teeth sticking out and looking unsightly, in others it can mean teeth are pushed sideways, creating an uneven smile.

Orthodontic treatment gently and gradually straightens your teeth. Giving you a great smile sometimes without the need to remove teeth and using a wide choice of appliances including virtually invisible ones.

At Cranleigh Orthodontics we offer patients exceptional treatment using state of the art equipment and techniques in a relaxed and caring environment. The team is headed by Julian Young a specialist orthodontist who has years of experience and expertise in orthodontics.

For more information please visit www.cranleighorthodontics.co.uk or send an e-mail to orthomanager@btinternet.com or call us on 07887 714421 for an initial consultation.

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